Google Presentations

google-presentations-previewFor people with an account on Google who are looking for a better alternative to Open Office or Microsoft Office, their search is finally over thanks to Google Presentations: a web based software that belongs to Google Docs. With this software, the user can begin a new presentation in one of two ways. First, a person can select New, then Presentation. Or second, they can convert a PPT file from the Upload tab.

Features and Functions

Google Presentations lives up to its promises in regards to DHTML/Ajax, and all without the use of Java or Flash. The following outlines several editing options available to utilize after adding a slide.

  • Texts, lists, and links can be added.
  • The format, font type, and font color can be changed.
  • Alignments can be altered.
  • An ability to make different themes, such as background pictures.

Once changes have been made, it is possible to edit and resize each slide in the future. Although Google Presentations runs slightly slower in comparison to Microsoft PowerPoint, that small blip should not present a problem for users. On the plus side, the simplicity and clarity of Presentations’ layout certainly surpasses PowerPoint’s. This allows users to complete a project quickly and with ease.
embeddable-google-presentationBesides the features similar to PowerPoint’s, Google Presentations has several that are unique to its application. One function is the Share tab seen on Google documents and spreadsheets. This tab allows users to select an associate as well as appoint certain rights. The creator and the associate with the correct rights can access and edit the document simultaneously. Other aspects of Presentations include automatic change updates and a status label that shows who is accessing the document. And when more than one person is editing at the exact same time, the screen will show a conflict message

This application also features a Publish tab that allows documents to be presented as web pages. When using this tab, others who are looking at the document can chat through a pop-up box. However, the user can collapse this box if necessary. Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to move an online presentation offline by sending attachments in a zip file that includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. The concurrent document editing, the streamlined sharing of documents, and the online chat function all make Google Presentations a superior web application.

How Google Presentations Compares to Other Applications

67834928Depending on what users need from an application, this office tool by Google could be right choice. The suite many not have as many options that people prefer; however, there could possibly be updates and features added in the future. Because operators do not have to bother with setting-up and downloading, web based applications are more simple to use. Another positive aspect of Google Presentations over Microsoft is the fact that Google is working more towards easy, uncomplicated features while Microsoft is continually concentrating on flashy features and intricate interfaces. Take the case of hiding menu entries; this does not prove to be helpful to most users.

And Microsoft cannot compete in the web based application arena, as long as Google avoids following in Microsoft’s footsteps: complex features and “buggy” systems. With online software, there is no need for the user to worry about blue screens, but websites can load slowly and features can be stuck in alpha mode for an extended length of time. Also, errors can occur with JavaScript and there are issues with security, such as the case with documents being exposed because of scripting vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, Google seems to rise above these problems for now; hopefully it will stay that way.

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